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Quick Facts

Have questions about how Online Flagger helps you in getting flagger certification, no problems!

Getting started is easy! Just click the Buy Training button and follow the screens.

You will be provided a temporary certification good for 30 days that can be printed or saved by you and your supervisor. We will print and mail your official wallet card within a few days. Now as for the USPS please allow up to 2 weeks for mail delivery.

Getting started is easy! Just click the Buy Training button and follow the screens.

Testing times can vary based on the individual’s familiarity with computers. For most students it will take between 3.5-4 hours.

No and the test is open book BUT you may want to practice the demonstration portion of the exam. At the end of the class you must demonstrate how to Stop, Slow, and Release traffic, this is 50% of your grade, if you fail this, you fail the class. It is not necessary to know the answers in the practice session before the class, the answers will be provided during the class.

You will have an opportunity to practice positioning the flagger again, after the course and right before the exam. You should focus on answering these correctly.

Make sure you have about 4-hours to complete the course and exam.

If the student fails the WRITTEN part of the test, there are no test only retakes. The student must retake the WHOLE COURSE again. An additional purchase is not required

If you fail the DEMONSTRATION part of the test, you should review and practice the demonstration and then select the Retake Demonstration button. Please slow down, be more careful, honestly, there are no trick questions.

Important: During the DEMONSTRATION SECTION you can only make two mistakes and still pass. If you make a third mistake you fail and you will have to retake the DEMONSTRATION (not course) again. This section is graded like strikes in baseball, third strike you are out.